US Route 89 - The West
US Route 89 - The West

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We know the experts say people don’t read websites. They scan and scram. We're asking you to slow down and enjoy the journey. Don’t worry about the destination. It will become apparent soon enough.
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US Route 89 is a slow road, just two lanes for most its 1800 miles from Canada to Mexico. The views are unobstructed and right out the window. It is easy to stop to take a picture or just to smell the air. Small town museums and shops invite you to come in and browse. Be surprised. Learn something new. Or just catch your breath and relax.

The Road Trip Guides on this website are like the road itself. They are an opportunity to slow down and explore. There are maps, pop-up photo galleries and interesting stories to read. It’s like an Easter egg hunt—you never know what beautiful little surprise you’ll find.

This website is the product of two artists' journeys on US Route 89. It is constantly being added to as we continue with our quest to record the whole of the road. To keep up with our adventures, subscribe to our free email newsletter, Along 89.

We recognize that there is more to do and see on US 89 than we can ever hope to record. That is where you come in. I invite all travelers and residents on US Route 89 to contribute stories, photos, advertisements, events and whatever else will add to the richness of this place. Go to Share Your 89 Stories, register and become part of this adventure.

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Above all, enjoy your road trip, whether real or virtual, on The West’s Most Western Highway.

—James & Barbara Cowlin


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